Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Good Bey Blog!

Hi, this will be my last blog post for 5th grade!😠😢😱

During the summer, I will be going on a 5 h.r. Flight to Tokyo, and spend a night there. Next, we will go to
Texas, and then a straight flight to Virginia. I am so excited to see my father after 1 month. I will miss my
friends, teachers, and home, good bey blog!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mabsoot Monday

Hello. On Monday, 5th grade had their graduation ceremony, it was really fun because we got to celebrate all of our learning in Elementary. First, we got to school in our formal clothes and had class for 50 min., then we went to the ceremony and waited for all of our parents to come (while we watched a little clip). When all of our parents arrived, we had 3 speeches to listen to (they almost made me cry). Next we got our certificates, sang “you and me” (from decadence), and we walked the bridge(my mom cried).But the most fun of all, was when we got to go ice skating in royal city!!!😨😂😁

Friday, June 8, 2018

Beach House slime shop

Do you like slime? Well if you do, then you would like this post, My friends and I have a little
business going on, they make slime and I have to advertise it. Honestly, there slime is really
good. You might see them around school, and if you want it, then you just ask for what kind you
want and they will give it to you on the next day.
Price: 25.000 - 50.000 VND
Slime makers: Clarissa Badii, Giulia Landini, and Minh Anh.
Quality: really good!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Click on the link below and view the youtube video.

Write and respond to the main points of the video.

When you get bullied, you have to do something about it, don’t just sit there and wait and hope that
someday they’ll stop. Here are four different ways to stop being bullied: 1. They make you feel awful,
it’s not your fault. 2. Have support around you. 3. Ignore 4. Find someone you can talk to. Also that
bullying isn’t right.

The first step (to know it’s not your fault) can sometimes be difficult, but it’s worth it. When you get
bullies, are people that think that they can make you feel awful. You usually feel like junk and your
useless or more, but don’t let that get to you.

Step two (build an army of support around you) is a good way to kick the bully out. If you have people
on your side or people that care for you is own of the most important thing to have. They will have your
back and be there for you.

Step three was to ignore. Sometimes all the bully wants is to get some attention so if you ignore them
they might get bored and they might go away. But this doesn't always work, it depends on what the
bullie really wants.

Step four is to tell someone you trust, a parent, teacher, friend, adult. Anyone who will drop anything to
help you. This leads me to my last main point is that bullying is not a good thing to do. Bullying can
affect others daily lives and also their thoughts.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

How do you imagine your brain?

Draw an image to show how you see your brain. Take a photo and add it to this response.

I used to think that the human brain is just something that we put all of our learning into, or something
that you store all of your thoughts into. And that the older humans can store more things and are more
knowledgeable just because they are older. Now I know that an adult has 300 trillion neurological links,
but a child’s brain has 1 quadrillion connections and a greater ability to learn. And that it has more
connections than the entire Internet! (Internet: 100 billion connections v.s. Child:
1 quadrillion connections)

There is so much about the brain we don’t know, but there is some we do know. Since we have been
able to actually think, we (people) have been trying to understand the human brain. People have had
many strategies to compare the brain to some things that humans have invented. Like the brain is a
clock, a switchboard, a steam engine. But these comparisons haven’t worked because the brain is far
more complex.

While kids have the ability to learn faster especially in the first 5 years of life, if children are stressed,
then their ability to learn goes down. Toxic stress happens when there is nobody caring for them and
the stress overtakes the body.

After watching this video I think that it’s very important to take good care of kids that don’t have
parents or a guardian that will take care and love the child.


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Now that PYPX is over...

 I feel very confident of my knowledge of plastic I also feel quite happy that PYPX is over becuase I was getting very stressed and a little annoyed by my team. I also feel good that I am finaly done with exhibition and that I can now be more aware of all of the plastic surrounding us which is also hurting the world. On top of all of that, I feel very proud of myself because, 1: I finally did my exhibition 2: I know way more about plastic and how it affects us 3: I know how plastic makes us die if you eat it.

My group and I are continuing to be aware of all of the horrible things that are happening. We are very excited, and happy that there is finally a way to solve the problem about plastic being eatten by a nother chemical. We are all trying to ask caffes or resturants for NO PLASTIC. My family and I bought a pack of bamboo straws so that we don't use plastic ones.

I appreciated that my group took in my ideas and my points of view. Most of them tried to help everyone as much as possible. We did have arguments but that just made everything even worse, at the end of the exhibition we were very proud of our whole group. We also appreciated all of the hard work of making posters by Giulia and MInh Anh. In all we are very happy, proud, and we appreciated a lot of the hard work every one put into this PYPX

Friday, April 13, 2018

This week

After the spring break our schedule has changed, for example, now we only have 1 period of art.
It’s hard to change something that you have been following for ¾ of the year. It’s changed because
of our new PYPX timings, for example, today we had 3 periods of PYPX. PYPX stands for Primary
Years Program Exhibition. We are now making posters and thinking about what we need for our stand.
I am very nervous about my exhibition because we have lots to do and also it’s very stressful since my
group is large, we all have a different opinion so it’s hard to pick 1/6 .

Any way, I wanted to help out on stage so, I offered to be the person that talks about week 8. The only
problem is that week 8 didn’t happen yet, so I don’t know what I’m really supposed to talk about.